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At Crazy for Vintage Weddings, we provide the tools, experience and inspiration to help you create your bespoke wedding. We offer fun and unique wedding decor consultations with themes including Rustic, Vintage, The 1920s, Shabby Chic and Woodland. Our passionate and experienced team are dedicated to ensuring every tiny detail of your wedding decor reflects your personal love story.
Whether you want inspiration for your perfect wedding day, or you want to create unique wedding DIY decor. Crazy for Vintage Weddings are on hand to make your ideas come to life! We also truly offer unforgettable hen do events; let your loved ones participate in designing and decorating the wedding of your dreams! We have a service to make your fabulous flawless wedding visions a reality.
Setting the Scene is here to solve your weddings design dilemmas with our amazing Wedding Stylist. Where you will be able to create exciting moodboards and bring your vision to life. We also style for special occasions including Christenings, Private Events to Birthday Extravaganzas! 
Our Vintage Decor Workshops inspire brides to learn about wedding styling, DIY centerpieces ideas, colour blocking theming and more.
The Ohemaa Bridal Experience is a fun and creative workshop, that helps brides have a better understanding of the ‘ Ghanaian Traditional Wedding’ also known as the ‘Engagement’.
Be inspired and take a look through some our special occasions that we helped create.